Why Vegan?

My vegan journey began about 6 years ago as a test to determine why I was sleeping through every single one of my college courses. Could I possibly have a food allergy that was knocking me out for what seemed to be an eternity. My then girlfriend, now wife (a cancer survivor and long time animal lover who had just went completely vegan 6 months prior) thought of a great experiment to cut all meat (fish too, YES FISH IS MEAT) and dairy out of my diet for one. The only problem I ran into at the end of that first week is that I had no desire whatsoever to introduce any of those foods back into my diet. So, a week turned into two, then a month, couple of years later and here I am today beginning a new chapter in this vegan life. More of the details to will be provided at a later date.

Being vegan is so much more than eating tofu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its means a lot more to me and to all of my fellow vegan brethren (Once again details to follow. I am really anxious to get this ball rolling).

I am going to need you guys to listen up to my first vegan testament as I close out my first post and why you can still maintain your masculinity and be vegan. LISTEN PLEASE BECAUSE THIS IS THE WHOLE POINT OF WHY I STARTED THIS. Let me preface this by saying South Park is my favorite TV-show ever. Contrary to a true South Park classic, “Fun with Veal” becoming a vegan will not lead to an outbreak of oddly shaped sores all over your face. It will however, change your life and with any luck you’ll never look back.