BEYOND MEAT is changing the face of protein!


You could say it was love at first bite.  The first time I tasted Beyond Meat, my mind and taste buds were officially blown.  If you haven’t tried their chicken yet, run, don’t walk to your nearest Whole Foods or go HERE!!!!!! to locate the nearest health food store that carries Beyond Meat and experience it for yourself.

Need a little beef in that burrito?  They have that too.  Just released last month, Beyond Beef isn’t your ordinary vegan beef crumble.  This one might be a little harder to find, but when you do, make sure you stock up, because its flying off the shelves.


Beyond Meat loves to spread the love and so do I. How good can something really be if you can’t share it with your friends, right?

Here’s a little love from Beyond Meat and Guys Go Vegan…get out there and GO BEYOND! Click the photo, save some cash and pass it on.