Need a Career Change?

I officially joined the workforce in 2008. From that very point to where I am now, I can honestly say that I have never really liked what I do. That being said, after discovering The Art of Manliness, a fire ignited in slide of me. I’m still working in the field that I makes me miserable, but I’m making the decisions and moves to right the wrongs. Case in point, this blog. So here’s to you Bret McKay!

Check out this recent post by AoM, writen by Jeremy Anderberg, if you’re struggling with your job and your career. I’m sure it will help.

How to Deal With a Job You Don’t Like
(Photo credit: The Art of Manliness)


This might seem like a random post, but it just seems relevant.

AoM (#artofmanliness) was the inspiration behind GGV. Although, not a vegan site, I thought AoM always hit the nail right on the head no matter what the topic. Not only did they inspire me to create GGV, but it was through them that I discovered Movember which led to my first “handlebar” mustache last year and many more to come.

This article is going to be my new bible for a while. We’ll see how it goes.