2013, you may have won the battle!

I give up 2013! You win!

As I concede to this past year I have to say that I am very happy to put this one behind me.  I’ve had the typical ups and downs that come pre-installed with every year: money problems, car problems, work problems.  Come to think of it, its been mostly hassles, problems and obstacles.  Its kind of depressing.  However, I can honestly say there are a lot of things I am truly grateful for, so even though the events of this past year truly SUCKED, I’ve got a lot to look forward to.

There are positive things about this last year that changed my life.  It wasn’t all bad (mostly, but not all).  I was given the opportunity to quit a job that drained the life out of me and pushed me to my mental and physical breaking points.  I am very happy to say that job is very far behind me…GOOD RIDDANCE!

I also started Guys Go Vegan, blog/social network for all of us vegan guys.  Its been something that I’ve always wanted to do.  I just never knew how start it or build it.  Watching it grow and evolve has been really exciting.  I’ve connected to so many different people and companies, that I never thought I’d be communicating with.  Once a Twitter hater, I am now addicted and once a Facebook fiend, I have successfully weened myself off of it.  (Although the GGV Facebook page is coming soon)

The most challenging thing over the past few years has been making a career change.  I have been successfully unsuccessful at finding a new job for about…oh I don’t know, FOREVER!  Realizing landscape design was not for me pretty much as soon as I started it, I’ve struggled figuring out what my purpose in this life is.  This past year, with all of the changes and bad jobs, the switch finally flipped in my head and I am happy to say I’ll be embarking on a new journey in February.  NYU Continuing  Ed, here I come.  Fingers crossed and plenty of prayers, I’ll be ready for a new adventure this summer.

I learned a lot this year about myself and about others.  I said goodbye to my Gramps (big breath)…and to a new level of stress that I hope to never experience again.  Looking forward to what this year has to offer has definitely got me smiling again.  More blogging, new connections, new friendships…new career?

F-off 2013.  Here we go 2014.  Let’s do this.

Cheers everyone!



  1. I join you in wishing 2013 the send off it deserves….off the edge of a cliff. Agreed, it was a year filled with obstacles, stress, problems and negatives. But I choose to focus on that which I am grateful for as I look towards the fresh start of 2014. Wishing you a happy, healthy, productive, joyful, financially abundant 2014!


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